Opensuse 11.4 random freezing.

As some of you may know i have the new Opensuse 11.4 KDE 4.6 64bit :slight_smile: Now I am not exactly sure why but randomly my computer will lock up and freeze. To the best of my knowledge it seems to happen when I have a lot of programs running. >:( Anyway I can monitor this and display the actual error? My hardware is in my Sig. Thank you =)

Jerry, there are a slew of other forums about this, none of which have a valid solution.
Some solutions:
Boot with “nomodeset” as a boot option.
Disable all desktop effects.
Use proprietary drivers (least likely to work)

There are a bunch of threads in “Laptops” and a few in “64-Bit” if you want to peruse them. I suggest filing a bug report.
If you want to monitor (which hasn’t been fruitful, but you can try) open up a terminal and run “top” and then proceed to use openSuse. When the computer lock-ups you can see all your running processes, etc.

Thank you for that all the solutions you have mentioned I have done and I will take a look around the forums! Hopefully I can get this fixed :slight_smile: thanks for the reply!

If you’ve tried all of that, please file a bug report:

There is already a bug report on this, here

Hello Jerry stamos here we have fixed this problem and now are all ok.

@stamostolias thanks for assisting me with figuring it out took a bit but from the best of our knowledge it is fixed now


The bug report posted above very specifically says “Nvidia”
Is there one for ATI?

nomodeset , why is that option for?

It cause the auto detect/setup of the video to be disabled and the system will use the oldest slowest driver which usually works with all cards. It is also one of the parameters in the failsafe boot.