opensuse 11.4 problem on hp pavilion

Hi. i installed opensuse 11.4 KDE on hp pavilion dv2690 notebook. but i have 3 problem with it:
1- when i turn on wireless/bluetooth key, opensuse does not recognise it (it shows me an error about adapters)
2- how can i use webcam? is there any special software for working with webcam in kde? is it necessary to install any driver?
3- i have a sony ericsson c510 cell phone, is there any software (such as sony ericsson pc suit in windows) to install on opensuse to work with sony ericsson?

There is guidance for webcam use in openSUSE here: HCL:Web cameras - openSUSE

Note you nee to run lsusb to determine the exact details of the webcam (vendor-id/device-id), in order to proceed to the next steps to see what kernel module/driver is needed for the webcam.