opensuse 11.4 Filesystem goes read-only in VMware


I’m a issue with a opensuse 11.4 guest VM. The root partition goes read-only while the VM was running normally.

I note this /var/log/messages:

Aug 22 10:57:02 guest1 kernel: [508161.475307] mptscsih: ioc0: attempting task abort! (sc=dc29c5c0)
Aug 22 10:57:02 guest1 kernel: [508161.475380] sd 2:0:0:0: [sda] CDB: Write(10):
Aug 22 10:57:02 guest1 kernel: [508161.475582] mptscsih: ioc0: task abort: SUCCESS (rv=2002) (sc=dc29c5c0) (sn=0)

After this time, the system continued running, but with the root partition in read-only mode. The mount, uname, an SuSE-Release commands and text shows these output:

guest1:~ # mount
devtmpfs on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,relatime,size=244048k,nr_inodes=61012,mode=755)
tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw,relatime)
devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,relatime,gid=5,mode=620,ptmxmode=000)
/dev/sda2 on / type ext4 (ro,relatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,data=ordered)
proc on /proc type proc (rw,relatime)
sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,relatime)
debugfs on /sys/kernel/debug type debugfs (rw,relatime)
securityfs on /sys/kernel/security type securityfs (rw,relatime)
none on /proc/fs/vmblock/mountPoint type vmblock (rw,relatime)

guest1 # uname -a
Linux guest1 #1 SMP PREEMPT 2011-04-25 21:48:33 +0200 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

# cat /etc/SuSE-release
openSUSE 11.4 (i586)
VERSION = 11.4
CODENAME = Celadon

I read this Novell [document 7005154]( 0 258916088) for SLES.

and this;jsessionid=ADE81C639B90B59BBA491CEE21DF4C64?micrositeID=&cmd=show&docType=kc&sliceId=2&forward=nonthreadedKC&externalId=51306&stateId=0%200%208616976 vmware KB note.

I’m using “VMware Server Version 2.0.2 Build 203138” over Win 2k3 64bit like host.

But I’m using a fresh linux kernel. At this moment, exists a fix for opensuse 11.4?

Thanks in advance

In this post says that kernel 2.6.39 have a patch, but the openSUSE actual version doesn’t include it?

I’m using the, but is sure if I apply it? I’ll need recompile the kernel without an official opensuse patch.