Opensuse 11.3 Xen fails to run

  1. Issue booting from grub
    The Xen kernel option in grub starts then the screen goes black and after a few seconds white starts to creep in from the edges.

  2. When I run Virtual Machine Manager I get this message.

A hupervisor is not running. For Kvm, load the kvm kernel modules. If you want to run xen, reboot and load the xen kernel.

The last options causes the error mentioned under issue 1.

try put this options nomodeset in grub options
title Xen – openSUSE 11.3 - 2.6.34-12
root (hd0,0)
kernel /xen.gz vgamode=0x322
module /vmlinuz-2.6.34-12-xen root=/dev/system/root resume=/dev/system/swap splash=silent showopts nomodeset vga=0x322
module /initrd-2.6.34-12-xen