openSUSE 11.3 lockup - ATI hardware

I am experiencing random system lockups on laptops that were working properly on 11.2

The hardware (quite old, I know, but they do what they have to do: analysing the network):
Pentium M 1.6
1 GB Ram
ATI Radeon 9600 (RV350 NP), radeon driver.
OS: OpenSuse 11.3, totally updated using the update repo.

It happens at random, mostly when using the latest Firefox (3.6.8) in the repository. Rolling back to an older version of Firefox seem to reduce the lockups, but they are still here. It’s not completely related to Firefox, since it also happens in Google Chrome, although even less. Flash may be involved, but it also happens with sites without flash. Also, I am using the FlashBlock plugin in Firefox…

The system completely locks up, I cannot ping it any more, or have access to it using ssh…
What deviates from the default config: Firewall is disabled, no desktop effects, network manager is disabled. There are a lot of networking tools installed, but they are not active.
I have several of these machines, and they are all experiencing the same issue.

I cannot find anything in the logs, it just crashed…

Big bummer for a otherwise very nice version of openSUSE.

Any hints are very welcome.


Did you tried already the kernel mentioned here? ?

Back from holidays…

Looked at the Bugzilla ticket, and it doesn’t seems related. My system has an ATI card, and it just doesn’t lock up temporary, it completely stalls.

Thanks for the help!