opensuse 11.2 with epson stylus sx115


I tried to connect this 3 in 1 device to opensuse 11.2 and none of the default drivers worked. Anyone know a fix for this or a workaround?

go here

All-in-Ones (Multifunction Inkjet Printers) | AVASYS CORPORATION

to the epson site

you will find your sx115 detailed there; they ask you for details of your distro and download the file

it will come down as an rpm file

assuming you download it into your Downloads directory;

if I suggest you open that directory on your desktop;

right-click on the (I think it is) pipslite.rpm

select install with package installer

my logic is thus YaST oversees the install; … and may recognise any dependencies needs … and might be able to fix them ???

let us know how you get along;

I believe there are also scanner drivers there too

Fixed my printer. Thank you.

Hi, I’m a Linux/Opensuse 11.3 (KDE) complete novice , so sorry if the following explanation is clumsy or incomplete. I did stumble my way through the problem. If anyone would like to tidy or add to it please do as the Epson SX series is a popular printer. After an install of the pips-snx110-SuSE11.0-3.7.0-CG.tgz (printer driver) I managed to get scan function from the SX115 by downloading both:

iscan-data-1.3.0-2.noarch.rpm and iscan-2.26.0-3.i386.rpm from

In my case, an install of the older file (after unpacking with Ark?) resulted in failure due to dependency errors. Installing the “Latest” file, followed by the earlier one worked for me. I don’t really know why but would guess that the necessary dependencies were eventually sorted out. This is how it happened for me but you might find it works first time with only one of the files. The Avasys app is “Iscan” and can be invoked from “search bar” but Xsane and Scanlite also work. One other thing: in Ubuntu, I had to switch off the Printer and restart if I’d been in scan mode to use the printer and vice-versa but I not in opensuse. Have no idea why…but Opensuse it is then (and not just for this but for many other reasons!) Best of luck with getting your own SX to work. Cheers!