opensuse 11.2 vpnc does not handle split horizon properly

I WAS using opensuse 11.1 with gnome networkmanager and vpnc. I am NOW using opensuse 11.2 with gnome networkmanager and vpnc.

When vpn concentrators are configured, they are configured with ‘split horizons’ (or not). If not, a default route is required from the client to pass ALL client traffic through the vpn connection. (when the connection is established, the vpn client replaces the default route on the client machine to point to the host site) If ‘split horizons’ is enabled, only the traffic bound for the host site is passed through the vpn connection.

What I have noticed, is since I installed 11.2, the vpn client is NOT enabling split horizon on connections that call for it. In stead, it is putting in a default gateway every time. This is a big problem, because for those sites that are configured for split horizon, doing this means that no Internet traffic will pass unless you manually adjust the route table.

Has anyone else seen this behavior and know of a fix?


bump, anyone?

ok, i think i found a solution. I just realized that in the ‘ip v4’ tab, there is a ‘routes’ button. click that and you will see an option that says ‘use this connection only for resources on its network’ if you click that, the default route will not get changed when the connection is established.

it seems that this should be the ‘default’ setting, but I am glad it is here.

hope this helps.