openSUSE 11.2 boot loader settings

I want to append something to kernel parameters. Seems that adding them to /etc/sysconfig/bootloader has no effect, since it’s rewritten by new run of YaST bootloader.

Where are those settings kept on filesystem? I tried several hours to find them, but with no success.

Manually modifying /boot/grub/menu.lst is not an option since I want the parameters to be added at a new kernel update.

In YaST > System > etc/sysconfig editor there is in System + Bootloader + the parameter DEFAULT_APPEND. See if it helps if you add there.

No. I already wrote in my first post. It’s identical with /etc/sysconfig/bootloader file. And it’s overwritten by running yast bootloader and Ok.

I would have thought that that is where YaST would find them, to add to menu.lst every time it changes something there. This being not the case, I wonder what the file is for.