OpenSuSe 11.1 DVD iso image broken

Dear all,

I downloaded from three separate repositories the DVD iso for OpenSuse 11.1 (X86-64), including from the OpenSuSe site. I burnt DVDs on three different systems (one Ubuntu, two Windows) using different software.

In all cases the installation procedure fails with “Wrong Digest”. I navigated through the forums but found that while several people noted this occurrence, no solution was offered.

It seems to me that the iso image is broken (incorrect files as well as checksums)

Do you have any suggestions on how to install OpenSuSe 11.1?

Is this situation being addressed and when?

I think that media, DVD drives etc. cannot be blamed and the root of the problem is in the u=iso image.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Oh yes, i can’t take into account my own incompetence then i’ll blame everyone else. Have you checked the iso image (it’s md5 sum or sha1 sum? ), after burning have you checked the DVD’s md5 sum ?

If you download through a web browser then if it fails the md5 check (not by burning it but checking the iso image) you complete the download with a torrent client (start downloading the same file you downloaded with the web browser and overwrite the torrent file with the one you downloaded and wait till it finishes).

Check the iso image on ubuntu and cross reference it with the one given on

You can check it simply by typing md5sum or sha1sum image-you-just-downloaded.iso if it is the same as the one given on then start burning it with the lowest speed.

By the way: did you make sure that the client used for the download can handle large files? If your iso image is approx. 2 GB in size then it’s definitely wrong.

Thanks for the replies. I have been using SuSe for several years as well as Ubuntu, Fedora, RH, etc on many systems) and this is the very first time I had this problem.

Anyway, the answer to the various questions are:

  1. the DVD is perfectly readable on a number of systems (Windows and Linux alike)
  2. As I said, I used three different mirrors
  3. It was not an update but a fresh installation
  4. The media I used have never given any trouble to myself and several other people
  5. I have installed previous versions of OpenSuSe from DVD both as native OS and as VMs never with any problem
  6. The installation proceeds fine until it hits specific packages when the “Wrong DIgest” message appears
  7. I checked the image itself after downloading
  8. I checked the media from boot and OpenSuSe reported that it was incorrect (I guess that OpenSuSe checks all packages checksums)

I can only conclude that something in the contents of the distribution is incorrect, unless yast2 itself is to blame (all messages originate from yast2). I also saw in the forums that this is not a new problem.

Thanks again

IF the iso has a correct md5/sha1 sum and IF the md5/sha1 sum of the burned iso is correct then check the date set on your PC. Thousands of people had no problems with that so it is not a problem with the image but in your particular case you made something wrong along the way.


IF the iso has a correct md5/sha1 sum BUT the md5/sha1 sum of the DVD is incorrect then you may be using low quality media or media that doesn’t like your burner.

P.S. IF the iso is correct and the DVD’s md5 sum is correct then no one gets those messages.

P.S.2 I recommend you read this:

Thanks for your reply.

I am now doing a web-based installation to avoid using the DVD altogether and add later any other packages required.

So far, so good, but it has just start6ed installing packages.

If the iso is correct then you could xtract it to a separate partition and use it that way. In order to do this (i assume you have a bit of knowledge).

Mount the iso image (check the md5 sum) and extract it to a folder on a partition (it’s best to have this folder in the root of this partition).

Remember which device and partition it was.

Download and burn the net-install image (of course as always check the md5/sha1 sum). When at the boot prompt on the net-install as the source choose hard disk and point it to the directory you extracted the dvd. That way it should not only install a lot faster than from the DVD but if the md5 sum was correct then you shouldn’t have any problems with the install.

Thanks. I have a fast net connection, so I can install from the net directly. Almost all packages have been installed and so far no problems.

By the way, I could indeed install the iso in a partition. Only a wee problem: when I install a new version of OpenSuSe, I prefer to back up all data and do a fresh install (I had too many problems in the past with upgrading). My system was triple boot with grub in OpenSuSe … Of course, I could be using something like Knoppix, but the Net installation looks fast enough (although I would need also to install 11.1 as a VM elsewhere, which may or may not give trouble).

I also prefer a fresh install. Even better, as a start i always choose minimal x server install and then install the rest, that way it feels somehow faster.