opensuse 11.1 can't play more the one sound source at a time

hi i’m a newly converted linux & openSUSE user.

i’m running a gnome desktop. my sound works fine, the only thing is i can’t play more that one sound source at a time.

i used to be able to play many sound sources under vista (wmp, youtube, msn messenger alerts etc…)

is this not possible under openSUSE?

i’m running a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop with my sound devce being a SigmaTel STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio.

i’ve searched the forums but couldn’t find anything on the subject.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

First update your system after do a restart. If still doesn’t work search for pulseaudio in yast and remove all packages related to pulseaudio.
Good luck.

Hmmm … I’m running openSUSE-11.1 with KDE-3.5.10. I have pulse audio installed (I have not removed any of the default pulse apps). A few minutes ago I played a video with VLC (surround sound) and an audio with amarok. Both at the same time. No problems.

Possibly a gnome desktop interface with audio problem?

Right I can confirm that after updating to the latest packages pulseaudio should work - sometimes KDE4 informs me that the playback won’t work and it’s falling back to something different, and I need to restart Amarok, but actually it’s working.
With a freshly installed system pusleaudio is very problematic (i remember there were a lot of post about sound issues right after the 11.1 release) - the easiest way to solve this was uninstalling all pulseaudio modules, this is why I suggested it.

ps.: actually I didn’t realized yet, why they included a problematic module like this one as default sound system.