Opensuse 11.1 autofs-nfs problem

Hi, I have a problem with Opensuse 11.1 to work with the homedirectory which is mounted by autofs coming from a nfs-share on a SLES10 Server. After logging in with KDE, the GUI is freezing when I’m working in the homedirectory. I have never had problems with an Opensuse 10.3 Client. In /var/log/messages on the Client you can find this error:
“kernel: lockd: server XXXX not responding, still trying.”
There are no error messages on the server.

Any idea ? Thanks for helping,

Hi Opensuse fellows,

seems to be I’m not alone with nfs problems using 11.1. Also without the automounter, connecting the homedirectory using the fstab, I have received the same slow response behaviour. Embedded in the homedirectory is the pam_mount.conf.xml to mount automatically some samba shares.
Especially when I’m working with these shares my KDE-GUI is freezing.
When both,the nfs Server and the Client, are working with 11.1 - no problems at all. So do we have a basic problem with nfs versions ?



finallay I found a solution. I started the nfs mount with the option “nolock”. After that it’s all working fine.

Regards to all of you