OpenSUSE 11.0 Final Release -> PulseAudio

Anyone noticed that after running a distribution upgrade to the final 11.0, pulseaudio is installed, but it seems to have taken a back seat.

My Audigy 2 now just works :slight_smile: but there is no PulseAudio icon available, just the standard gnome volume control.


So, you are lucy! Be happy without pulseaudio!

Yeah behavior and functionality of pulsaudio has shifted quite
a lot between updates, but as for now it works to my satisfaction.
To get the pulseaudio applet back in the panel go to program
menu multimedia and click on Pules Audio Device chooser, when its
up in the panel click on preferences and check Start applet on

When I right click on volume control and click “Open Volume Control”, it still says Pulse Audio Volume control. Is there something else you guys are referring to?

Yes, in the RC1, or maybe it was in one of the betas, I don’t
remember, there was a specific pulseaudio icon which isn’t
there now, and I think that’s what jameswalmsley was asking
about, not just a volume control, rather a generic tool to
control pulseaudio.