OpenJFX (JavaFX) not available as rpm package?

I have a couple of apps that now require javaFX. Oracle’s java releases bundle javafx (I tried both the outdated 7 and current 8 versions, and they both work), but openjdk doesn’t (include the openjfx implementation). Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be a working package of openjfx on OBS for openSUSE (in fact, I only spotted this one: … whereas I seem to recall finding a couple for Fedora). Google seems to show that this is rather par for the course for other distros too.

Anyone know offhand if whomever is looking after openjdk for openSUSE is thinking about either (i) bundling openjfx within openjdk or (ii) even start releasing openjfx as a separate “official” package for the openSUSE distros?

Apparently openJFX is now part of openjdk, but is not currently compiled as part of openjdk-devel by our maintainers.
So, first I’d ask you to submit a feature request at

As for your current situation,
It looks like you might be able to build on your own, using the generic instructions and Fedora 21 packagelist at

The only unavailable package I’ve checked seems to be the following,


I’m guessing that can be substituted, installing the following

zypper install libjpeg8-devel

Good Luck,