Opening a MS Access (.mdb) file in linux

I have a MS Access database file I need to open - I’m guessing with OpenOffice Base. Googling tells me I should open it by connecting to it via ODBC but the Linux version of OpenOffice does not seem to have an ODBC driver. Has anyone managed to get OO to open a access file under linux?

I could boot over to XP and do it that way but would like to find a solution in Linux.

Looks like best option would be using windows, you could install XP in Virtual Box.
I did find this also:
dba: Linux MDB driver - alpha version

OOo will not open mdb files due to using MSjet,which is MS proprietary software. Try Kexi, it’s a koffice app,that’s what i use,providing it’s not office 2007, kexi will open it. or you could use mdbviewer & export the files as csv & import them


Sounds much better advice than mine

Thanks. I don’t really want to install Kexi just to read this DB file once so will probably use boot to XP and use mdbviewer.

In Windows XP Oo go to Data Base/ Conect to … and ot the top you have Microsoft Access and Browse the file.
ODBC is no good.
If u have 2007 madb u can choise on the last u have access 2007.