openFate is broken

I just wanted to use openFate to suggest a new feature: add 1920x1200 to the install dvd.

However, whenever I have entered anything and then click on “Save feature”, it empties the “Description” text box and then stupidly tells me: “There were errors: Please enter a description” :open_mouth:
I can enter the description as often as I want, every time I click on “Save feature”, it throws it away, and then complains that there isn’t any >:(

It would be nice if you could fix that.
Browser is Opera 10.

I thinkyour suggestion would be better elsewhere.This is for forum usage & support possibly contact this person


Well, I didn’t know where else to put it…

I’ve now added it as a comment to an openFate news entry, I think it fits nicely there:
openSUSE News » openFATE - Adding New Features Now Open for Everybody

(I would’ve edited my above post to add this, but there is no Edit button)