OpenERP installation on opensuse 11.1

Hi There. I want to install OpenErp with YASt in opensuse 11.1. I added
the repository ‘Index of
( as stated in the wiki, but if i want to
install each component i get this message: needed
from … is not offered from any repository.

Can sombody give me a repository that i can include in YAST to finish
the installation or have somebody a hint?

May be somebody can adjust the openerp installation in the repository?
Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes from Dubai. Uwe


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HI there. I just discoverd there is a new Repository for 11.1, but there
are not all packages included in the right version. This must be there:

openerp-client openerp-server python-ReportLab python-egenix-mx-base
python-matplot libpython-numpy python-parsing python-psycopg

The python-matplot is not there, the python-numpy. I f I try to get it
from the 11.0 Repository then it leads to the wrong version 2.5

Any body have a idea how to solve this? I am a Newby to Linux and have
no idea.

Thanks. Greetings from Dubai. uwe


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