OO File Open/Save dialog sloooow

I have OO 64bit under KDE 4.4.2 rel. 238. The File Open/save dialog becomes terribly slow in every respect when I have two documents (text or spreadsheet) open and I copy/paste something between the two.

Can anybody confirm this? Just a short test: start two writer sessions, type a word in one of them, select and copy it and the paste it in the other empty writer page.

Then press the menu icon or File->Open to open a file. In my case the dialog takes 10 seconds to load, 20 seconds to show the file list and every action, such as selecting a file or closing the dialog, takes 20 seconds or more.>:(

I’ve never had this problem before. Weird and really annoying.



cscarfo wrote:

> I’ve never had this problem before.

in my case (OpenOffice 2.4.1, openSUSW 10.3, KDE3) the file open
dialog opens in less than one second…

i therefore have to assume your advanced software versions are not
actually advanced, or something else is borked in your system…

i wonder, if turning off desktop effects changes the behavior in any way?

and, i wonder if you can pinpoint the approximate time when this
behavior first began? that is, was it immediately after a kernel
update? video driver update? KDE update?

oh, and have you checked bugzilla (and Google) to see if this is a
known (or already experienced by others) bug?


I also had this problem. As a workaround I disinstalled KDE4 integration.

That seems to be the answer. Also, I have found that closing OO and immediately reopening the file gets rid of the problem. So almost certainly buggy KDE4 code.