Only top half of screen shown on install


I am trying to install the latest version of Open Suse from USB stick.

The install starts, the log of actions scrolls down the screen but once get to the graphics part only the bottom have of the screen is used so can only see the menu options, can click install but then can only see the top half of the screen and that is displayed from the middle down. The top half of the screen shows the initial log messages.

All the buttons to click are off the bottom, pressing return move to the next page but again I get only the lower half of the display updated with the top half of the page so cant select anything.

Processor is Razen 5900X, 64GB RAM, GTX 1060, 4K monitor.

Because I can access the bottom half of the page the option to load drivers is not accessible.

Any suggestions on how to install? Machine has Windows 10 installed, trying to dual boot it!


At the openSUSE boot menu, strike the E key, navigate to the end of the line (which usually wraps) that begins with linu, append XVideo=1920x1080, then proceed with installation. It it doesn’t help, try again, but instead of or in addition to XVideo=1920x1080, append nomodeset.

Tried with XVideo, XVideo with nomodeset and nomodeset.

Same result every time. You might be able to see the result here:

Some people dislike Google.
Use or another hosting.

Try to use TW installer or live image.
Also you may use text installer.