Only the sound of silence

gnome 42.0
tumbleweed v20220324"
5.16.15-1-default x86_64

I updated the monitor and graphics card yesterday. Since the new monitor is physically the same width but a higher resolution, things get smaller. That was adjustable.

What is most annoying, now, is that all possibility of Sound has gone away. Bluetooth used be an option; no longer, BT is non-functional, filling the journal with errors. Using Settings::Sound to select an alternate output is useless; it does not use what I select.

A gnome extension, Sound Input & Output Device Chooser, is broken in gnome v42.0 (yet another API change). The extension actually chose i/o devices as advertised. No longer as option.

Any ideas how get gnome to produce Sound?

Update: Once again an issue with USBv3 port recognition got past me; I had thought it had been resolved.

Sometimes most peripherals are not recognized at boot time if they are connected to a USBv3 hub. This is why I have mouse, keyboard and a couple of other peripherals attached to USBv2 hubs. Always finds devices on USBv2. Except Bluetooth.

What this means is that only built-in sound (motherboard) devices are actually available despite the recently re-recognized USB sound devices. The USB devices are enumerated only; no option to use them.

What does “pacmd list sinks” give you? Please post the command and the output Using Code Tags Around Your Paste.

It would help to list the errors you see in the journal.

Hello I have the same problem. I updated my system and since then I have no sound

:~> pacmd list sinks
Aucun démon PulseAudio en cours d’exécution, ou ne s’exécutant pas dans une session de type démon.

PulseAudio can’t start :

~> pulseaudio --start
E: [pulseaudio] main.c: **Échec lors du démarrage du démon.**
~> pulseaudio
W: [pulseaudio] pid.c: **Stale PID file, overwriting.**
Failed to handle SIGBUS.

What can I do ?