Only one coretemp reported in lm-sensors with Intel i3

Having made a clean install of 12.1 on a separate partition, I’m gradually transferring everything from the 11.4 installation (still my main workhorse). Today was Conky’s turn but I’m having problems with lm-sensors reporting only one core temperature to Conky. Running “sensors” DOES produce output for Core 0 and Core 1, but there only a “coretemp.0” folder where Conky expects it (in /sys/bus/platform/devices/), and no “coretemp.1” so Conky aborts with an error message.
This works fine in 11.4, on the same machine, so I’m stumped. Any help most gratefully accepted!

Replying to myself… Problem solved (thanks to Arch forum), thought I’d report it here for the benefit of others:

There appears to be a bug which means that all the temperatures can now be read from the coretemp.0 folder. It works when I put the following variables in my conky.rc:

${platform coretemp.0 temp 2}  ${platform coretemp.0 temp 3}

Hope this will save someone else frustration!