Online upgrade from 42.1 to 42.3 (direct)

I have made several times an online upgrade but always one version to the following version, as is said in System upgrade
I have a USB pendrive with a Opensuse Leap installed in it so I wear my OS with me and I can bott any (x64) computer with it. It is not the classic Live USB not persistent, neither the Live USB persistent with casper, but a “normal” installation of Opensuse Leap 42.1 in a ext4 formatted pendrive.

I was going to upgrade the OS to 42.3 using the online method in two steps: 42.1->42.2 + 42.2->42.3 so i begun but when doing the copy-paste of

# sed -i 's,42\.2,42.3,g' /etc/zypp/repos.d/*

I changed the .2 for .1 but I forgot to change the .3 for .2 and I continued with the upgrade
Everything went fine until I finished the upgrade, rebooted the system and when the boot menu appeared, I realized It said Opensuse Leap **42.3
So I have done an online upgrade skipping one version and everything is working fine.


Sure can be done just in general not the recommended way. Does not mean it can not work. It depends on how vanilla your installation is and if you have problematic hardware