One time VNC session disconnects

I have a new installation of OpenSUSE 13.2 with updates applied.
I followed the instructions to set up a one-time VNC session found in activedocs
This installed a number of extra stuff.

After I start the OpenSUSE machine I want to remote access to, I logoff so it is left at a login screen.

I then connect from another PC using XVNCVIEWER or TightVNC or RealVNC.
I get the authentication dialog and enter the password.
I then get the OpenSUSE login.
I enter the password and connect.
After a short time the connection ends and the display on the OpenSUSE computer changes to display:-

Welcome to openSUSE 13.2 “Harlequin” - Kernel 3.16.6-2-desktop (tty1).
linux-fqt0 login:

Can anyone explain what I may have not done or has anyone had the same issue?