Once again about Drag&Drop which do not work

Sorry for my bad English, I’m Ukrainian.
So, I have a problem with drag and drop when using for example KeePassXC or GNS3 on my system. It’s Tumbleweed with Gnome, installed several weeks ago and continuously updated. In KeePassXC it’s only way to move some entry into another category (folder) is to drag it onto the category you need to place it to. Also, on GNS3 there is only one possible way to place the object on the work field is to drag it from the left frame of the same window. And I’m unable to do that because the cursor changes to a “disabled” icon and if I drop the object it will not be placed. I tested this on Wayland and X11, and the problem repeats on both.


Is KeePassXC installed via flatpak or via repos? I’m using the flatpak version with Gnome (Wayland) and Tumbleweed and it runs smoothly. You could try switching from one to the other and see if the situation improves!

Hi @VaiTon!
It helped but it’s not a real solution because the problem exists not for only KeePassXC and GNS3, but for many other programs. And not so many of them are on Flathub.

Have you tried using Gnome on X11?

Logout, then select your user, then in the bottom-right angle of the screen there should be a button from which you can choose GNOME (defaults to Wayland) or GNOME on X11.