Old Kernel source

Is der a way to get an old kernel source?

I need a 2.6.24 to get my hardware running.

I tryed downloading from kernel.org but now the Suse patches are missing.

which ver. of suse do you think that was with? 10.??

openSuse 10.3 came with 2.6.22.xx
and 11.0 with 2.6.25.xx

but I need 2.6.24

The Linux Kernel Archives

maybe the only way

But some Alpha or Beta Version of openSuse 11 run under a 2.6.24, I’m sure. There isn’t any archive with those sources?

The problem is that some thing don’t work with the vanilla kernel, such as apparmor …

What about here

Index of /repositories/Base:/Kernel/standard/i586