Okular hangs at launch if previously maximized (Gnome)

I can reproduce the problem on my system for Okular by doing the following:

  1. Uninstall Okular and purge all related files in the home directory. I have even done a snapper rollback to ensure nothing is left over in my root by the RPM.
  2. Install Okular RPM from Main Repository (OSS)
  3. Maximize okular using the maximize button on the top right. Then, close the app. It does not matter whether a file has been opened yet or not.
  4. Attempt to start okular. This is the result:

The program starts, but hangs, and appears as a transparent window in the Gnome window switcher. You cannot select this window, only close it.

I finally discovered that, when this happens, if I go to /home/chrisbmiller/.local/share/okular/okularstaterc and change Window-Maximized=true to Window-Maximized=false, Okular will then open up just fine (at least until I forget, and close a window that I have maximized).

So, there is some graphical bug related to starting Okular maximized, that does not appear when Okular is maximized after starting.

Additionally, this problem persists even when all extensions are disabled.

If anyone could help me figure out how to debug further that would be great, or if this is already enough information where can I submit a bug report!

Looks like this was caught by others just a couple days ago and investigation is ongoing.


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