Okular alterntives for PDF forms

I’m on KDE and very happy with leap 15.3. I just bought a slightly used and underpowered laptop that I want to send away to somebody. The problem is that it’s an Dell AMD A10, 12Gb + 1Tb drive.

I want to install Leap 15.3 XFCE. The only problem left is OKULAR. That person needs to be able to fill-in PDF forms (mostly from the government). Is there’s some other alternative or are we stuck with KDE which is slow on that laptop.

Thank you

I do not understand all of this. Are you having problems with using Okular for the purpose it is needed or not?
And what has this to do with the “slowness” of KDE, you are not using it on that system?

I could fill pdf forms with libreoffice draw. Worked reasonably well AFAICT.

Underpowered for what? I have Leap 15.3 running on a 2007 Dell notebook. It takes some time to start but once up and running, it is fine. Handles 1080p videos fine.

If it actually has 12 GB RAM (or did you mean 2 GB?), KDE shouldn’t be a problem. And if it only has a HDD, a SSD will do wonders for your perception of how fast it became.

Is there a problem installing okular in xfce?

I use Okular by default (on Tumbleweed) but for certain .pdf documents (mainly large drawings) I use Foxit Reader instead as that is faster for these type of documents.

Not sure if it can handle PDF forms, but it can sign documents so I think it should, a least worth try I think.

I’ve been trying around with a couple of programs and a German tax form.>:)
None would edit forms. :-/
In the end, the Firefox plugin in did the trick. lol!