OBS Invalid Certificate

While trying to login to the build service this morning I got an invalid SSL certificate error from Firefox (sec_error_untrusted_issuer). The certificate shows to have been self-issued on the 4-Apr-2011, and its serial number is 02:1C:11:ED:76:1A:EC:DE:B7:A7:1E:CC:A1:CD:C0:2A:FB:63:D2:F8:C5:69:B3:13:7A:98:5D:F9:DC:B6:02:03:01:20:1D

Any ideas what’s going on? TIA

Hmm… new certificate, now properly signed by DigiCert. Serial number is


I would post the SHA-1, but neither Firefox nor Konqueror will let you copy it :\

Gr!! Spoke too soon. On some hits/reloads you get the proper certificate, while on others you get the duff one :stuck_out_tongue:

Somebody please tell us what’s going on, and an estimated time to fix.