OBS builds locally, doesn't even run on WebUI


I’m trying to compile a set of packages for PIC32 development using OBS, and I seem to have gotten stuck on something (something simple, I hope).
I got binutils to build successfully, but GCC simply doesn’t even start building.
All I get on the WebUI (for all distributions) is:

No live log available: package 'gcc-mipsel-elf' has no logfile

The package builds fine under OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, using osc build (or for example osc build xUbuntu_18.04).

I’ve clicked through the WebUI, but I can’t find any more info on why the system doesn’t like the GCC package. I imagine there’s a stupid error on my part somewhere, but everything should be fairly similar to the binutils package, which builds just fine.

Any ideas?

To answer my own question, apparently the system did not like having an “_aggregate” file.
Since there was a dependency on a package that had to be built prior (binutils) in the same repository, I thought using _aggregate was a proper solution. Well, in a way it was, since locally it built just fine.
I’ve since replaced the _aggregate file with updating the metadata of the project(home:neofoxx), to include this:

  <repository name="Neofoxx's home repos">
    <path project="home:neofoxx" repository="openSUSE_Tumbleweed"/>
    <path project="home:neofoxx" repository="Fedora_Rawhide"/>
    <path project="home:neofoxx" repository="xUbuntu_18.04"/>

And this seems to work fine.

Yes, by definition:

A package that is “linked” in a new project via aggregate is not rebuilt in the new project and the binaries from the original project will be updated in the new project whenever they change.

This is OBS feature which is why package was building locally.

Thank you for coming back and posting resolution.