NVME SSD drive disappeared from BIOS after system crash

A game update seems to cause the crash. It crashed twice when the game starts loading. After the 2nd crash, the machine boot directly to Win10 which is installed on a separated drive whereas the NVME SSD drive that has LEAP 15 installed could not even be found in BIOS boot menu. In Win10 disk manager, the NVME SSD was not found either.

The machine is quite new and uses UEFI. Is the drive dead and I need to send it for a replacement or there is fix?

Well, it appeared again after a few hours use of Win10 and a complete shutdown.:expressionless:

Looks like hardware. But if it is the device or the connection (cable, connector, …?) I can not say.

Agreed, looks like hardware. But … NVME is quite new, you could try a Tumbleweed live image, mount one of the SSD’s partitions and see if the same thing happens.

Maybe I wasn’t clear. Since the drive re-appeared, the OS is fine now. Have no idea what happened though.

It was probably the complete shutdown. Power off, and leave off for a few minutes can sometime “fix” hardware problems that a normal warm reboot won’t resolve.