I have been told it’s user error & system misconfiguration so as not to have run NVIDIA drivers running under Wayland? Currently X11 works (forked under MIT license.) But Wayland locks up 100% CPU under Tumbleweed KDE. I am on the G05 driver as per install --recommends.

Fluff: After using Radeon & leaving X11 in the dirt in the rush to the Wayland hills I was surprised how smooth the official drivers are. I guess that’s corporate dollars?

Report them as you encounter such issues

@fleamour Is this a request for help?

Not sure, I’m on GNOME and X11, just for my workflow, I use barrier which has no wayland server yet, other systems (Intel and AMD) are running on Wayland with some uinput tweaks for waynergy to run (Barrier Wayland client), Hyprland/sway works OTB with waynergy.

I got annoyed with a AMD HDMI bug that (maybe fixed now), plus I wanted some encoders/decoders so switched everything over to Nvidia (T400 and a P4)…

Then GDM has a fit when it sees two Nvidia gpu’s and insists I’m a hybrid laptop and won’t fire up wayland…

Is that due to hitting one of the rules in 61-gdm.rules perhaps?

@deano_ferrari yes that is the case, I can tweak the rule, but still not quite there with GNOME.

Ok, it is what it is I guess.

FWIW, some interesting Archwiki notes on this topic:

@deano_ferrari yes, and since it’s a desktop I don’t suspend/hibernate, there is no swap either (128GB of RAM) or have the systemd services present (again that is a laptop thing)…

I’m quite happy on X11 but some Reddit troll insisted it was trivial to get working with Wayland. But then surely developers would default to optimum configuration?

It really depends on the user’s hardware configuration, including (multi-)display specs, so one can’t rely on generalizations.

@fleamour GNOME defaults to Wayland, if your setup is supported. I have MicroOS Aeon running on a Dell Intel Tablet and a HP Pavilion Dual AMD gpu Laptop, it’s running wayland fine, zero issues… my Beelink Intel N100 system runs my own MicroOS Hyprland (SelfInstall image and Combustion) install…


I got a vintage Micro ATX Intel G41 mainboard paired with NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 (according to predictive text not memory!) But unless Plasma 6 goes Wayland only? I guess…
My Radeon did a good job but wouldn’t resume from hibernation or sleep. The NVIDIA does with Nouveau & official. However it runs very unoptimised with Nouveau, lots off CPU spikes.
The GPU has 4 x HDMI if that counts?

See /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/61-gdm.rules. It simply counts the number of cards and assumes it is hybrid if there is more than one. If Wayland works in your configuration, this warrants bug report.

I have twin 1080p displays.

Maybe one day I will get around to testing, I suspect if I just switch the P4 to vfio-pci I can probably test. But the P4 is after all a vGPU it should ignore as a gpu…