Nvidia One Click Install - Compiz

Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right thread for this question but as I am new please point me in the right direction if this is not the case :slight_smile:

Basically what has happened is that I have installed the nvidia drivers for a 9800 GT from the One-click install for the newer video cards. It seems to have succeeded although I am having difficult activating 3D effects. What happens is that whenever I activate Compiz settings, it works for about 2 seconds (wobbly windows is my test) and then quickly goes back to standard.

Is this something I have done wrong or is my hardware incompatible? It works in other distributions I have tried so Iā€™m assuming it is a fault on my part.

Thankyou greatly for your time and assistance :slight_smile:

First: Have you rebooted since installing the driver?

Are you kde or gnome?