nVidia + HDMI freeze laptop


My ASUS laptop has dual Intel + Nvidia GF 1050Ti video card. I installed the drivers via the nVidia repositories. If I use the laptop on its screen, openSUSE works great, no graphic problems.

If I use, as I regularly do, the external screen via HDMI, after about 10/20 minutes, the computer freezes and nothing works (no keyboard, no mouse, no etc.), only the screen remains.

How can I solve it?

The problem only occurs with HDMI.

Otherwise what community can I report this problem to?

Well Intel+NVIDIA GPU on a laptop mean Optimus hardware.

You need either primus or Bumblebee to mage that.



The freeze may indicate over heating

I’ve primus because Bumblebee not work with this 1050Ti

Yes, I think, but the screen is “on” with freeze desktop

I’ve formatted my laptop and change openSUSE TUMBLEWEED with Leap 15.1 and I’ve solve all problem.

The nVidia driver are not behind the TW version