NVIDIA Geforce GT 640m glG04 or glG05

I have aGeForce GT 640M (GK107M)and need to know if I need to install glG04 or glG05. I googled for supported chipsets for both glG04 and glG05 and didn’t find what I needed so I decided I would just ask here. Which one do I need to install?

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The G05 only supports the 640M LE, G04 supports the others…

Look here: Unix Drivers | NVIDIA

Select the driver version link on the right and then look under the ‘Supported Products’ tab

Thank you for the help and I book marked that web site for future reference.

GK is a Kepler family. Use G05.
Chip is GK107.
Better to check with


When you search on the Nvidia side, you get the working driver as 430.40 for Nvidia GT 640M.
The G05 is 470.57.02
the G04 is 390.44

So the working driver is only G04

The Nvidia GT 640m LE is supported by G05 and G04

Thats also what malcolmlewis has said.

So I would install the G04 and all should be ok.

It depends on a chip: List of Nvidia graphics processing units - Wikipedia

And searching on Nvidia is no choice???

Thats where I would search first time…

Searching on Nvidia is for noobs.
GeForce GT 640M LE can be either GF108 or GK107. User of Nvidia site wants easy solution.