NVIDIA driver

Hi everyone!
it’s common question but anyway i haven’t got any solution.
I have Asus laptop with GTX 960M and i would like to use proprietary driver.
I followed this instruction (https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:NVIDIA_the_hard_way) but all i got is black screen after rebooting (not actually black, just text mode).
Is here someone who was able to install 960M driver successfully?

The M means “mobile”, so this is likely an Optimus laptop, i.e. hybrid intel and nvidia graphics.
The nvidia driver doesn’t support that.

You can use Bumblebee to run selected applications on the nvidia card:

Another option would be PRIME:

Or, if you can disable the intel graphics in the BIOS, the normal nvidia driver should work as well.
But that’s not possible on most laptops…