NVIDIA driver / kernel mismatch on new install


Yesterday I clean installed my laptop with Tumbleweed. Since it has dual Intel / NVIDIA graphics I also installed the NVIDIA driver from the NVIDIA repository (https://opensuse.github.io/openSUSE-docs-revamped-temp/install_proprietary/).

However, whilst the installation went fine I am unable to enable the NVIDIA graphics driver:

sudo prime-select get-current
No driver configured.

Trying this on a clean Leap 15.3 installation works however.

Am I right in assuming that the fact I have a 5.14.6 kernel and the NVIDIA drivers currently appear to be built against 5.14.2 (nvidia-gfxG04-kmp-default-390.144_k5.14.2_1-25.8.x86_64.rpm) that I need to wait for the NVIDIA drivers to be updated to match 5.14.6? In which case I’m OK to do so, but is there also an option to install an earlier Tumbleweed snapshot with the 5.14.2 kernel?


Nvidia isn’t really fully supported on Tumbleweed so you might have to wait until the kernel gets bumped to a new version or a new version of the Nvidia driver comes out.
If you don’t want to wait that long what you might do is download kernel 5.14-2 from here https://download.opensuse.org/history/20210922/tumbleweed/repo/oss/x86_64/

You should then be able to downgrade the kernel and utilize the current Nvidia driver from the repo if you’re okay with that.
Or you could try following this guide.


A mismatch on the minor number (e.g. x.y.2 vs x.y.6) is common place with TW. I’m not familiar with these dual graphics but I’d say take another look at this prime-select utility.