Nvidia driver from hard way to easy way?

I forced to use nvidia driver.
my option to run it in rpm based is not a go.
so that leave me with te “hard way”
but is dkms a go for using the nvidia driver with (leap) or tumbleweed.
How works it, what to install?

Kernel driver is only part of problem. The way nVidia installer works it overwrites user space libraries, so they will be trashed after next update of package that contains them. RPM installs the in separate location and configures system to look into this location. Without this adjustment DKMS won’t really help you to automate updates.

Using DKMS here. It’s fairly easy: Install dkms from the repos ( Packman has it ) and add an extra option to the .run installer: instead of just “-q” or “-qa”, add “-q --dkms”.