nvidia driver bug?

i am not sure whether to post this in hardware or here, so here i go:

when i installed opensuse 11.3 yesterday and updated all packages and then added nvidia repo and installed nvidia driver and removed nouve or whatever openssource one that is, so that system uses the closed source nvidia one.
i have some issues with that .
1 when i set my screen resolution it get reset to default after restart of pc.(i found a workaround by setting the resolution in nvidia setting a s root but thats not the solution just a workaround)
2 amarok crashes and from searching forum i find out that its nvidia driver that introduces this bug and removing it removes the crash.
3 when using smplayer with vdpau for video output , at the start of playing video the system hangs for 3 seconds and then resumes and this happen for any video and happens every time.

i need nvidia closed source one cause i think it has 3d acceleration and vdpau.
i cant post in nvidia forum cause i don’t have a non-yahoo-google email so can somebody tell them about this or fill a bug report .
is there

NVIDIA 260.19 Issues