NVIDIA 7300 Go driver install

Hi All,

I’ve just install SUSE 11 and it’s my first experience. The problem is that I can’t install drivers with 1-click on my laptop ASUS A6Jc. The following error occurs during the installation:

“nothing provides kernel(xen:kernel) = 82c07590bad43cd0 needed by nvidia-gfxG02-kmp-xen-180.29_2.6.27.18_0.3-0.1.i586
] do not install x11-video-nvidiaG02-180.29-0.1.i586”.

Please correct mi if I’m off base anywhere. Thx in advance.

I recently updated to the new kernel from the updates-testing repo Index of /update/11.1-test using Yast.

Add it to the configured software repositories. Then update the kernel and the newer Nvidia driver.

Disable the update-test repository.

Good Luck!

Many thanks for response.

Actually, I’ve just fixed it by recompiling the nvidia kernel module as described here Nvidia Installer HOWTO for SUSE LINUX users. In any case thanks a lot again.