nvidia 390.25 how to get rid of

Hi, nvidia 390.25 has arrived in 42.3 and my desktop does not boot anymore. Only can boot with a snapper pre snapshot. How can I get rid off the nvidia update.



Same problem here, with GNOME.
Another member of the French forum Alionet, with this problem to.
Deleting 390.25, installing “Nouveau”, its ok…
But with this version of the Nvidia Driver, the mouse cursor load, but no desktop…


(Sry for my bad English).

OK, I rolled back with snapper and blocked the G04 nvidia drivers. One question: If the new drivers fails in tumbleweed, why are they propagated to 42.3 ?

I seem to have exactly the same problem with kde.

I see a mouse cursor appear and that’s it.

I don’t think you can get the old drivers in rpm format as nvidia doesn’t keep old rpm packages
I hope you guys opened a bug report which would be send upstream to nvidia
in the meantime you have 4 choices

  1. use the G03 driver which supports some never cards (you can do this in yast just remove the G04 driver prior to install)
  2. install an older version of the run driver from nvidia
    you can get the previous 387.34 run file
  3. use noveau with causation as it crashes kwin5
    to use noveau just remove all nvidia packages and reboot, if you are having issues try disabling all compositing and keep in mind noveau does not have working 3d acceleration or fully working video decoding (you need a binary blob from nvidia to get it working)
  4. if you have a btrfs file system for root go to a previous snapshot and lock the nvidia driver in yast or zypper and avoid updates until it gets fixed

ps. if you can’t get a graphical logon press ctrl+alt+F1 and do a console login then type

init 3

to disable the graphic subsystem if you’re unfamiliar with zypper (to add or remove nvidia packages) you can use the text mode version of yast just type

sudo yast

in text mode you can even use your mouse with the gpm package which might not be installed you can install it with zypper

zypper in gpm

I googled and was able to login with desktop.

The trick is to ignore that we dont see the login screen. It’s there, but not visible.

Just typing youre password might work.

I had to fiddle a bit, to make sure I was typing in the box I can’t see.

Nvidia forum

There seems to be a related issue on OpenSuse 42.3 with the 390.25 drivers on kde/plasma (with the latest kernel from OS, and a GTX750-Ti card) the log-in screen is invisible ! All that is visible is a cursor, but the screen is there and typing the password brings me to the normal desktop ! I suppose I can live with this until something updates and fixes it, but it is annoying !


Im rolling back with Clonezilla… And lock the Nvidia driver at 384.xx with Yast.
I will wait patiently for a solution :slight_smile:


They were not “propagated” from Tumbleweed to 42.3.

The driver was updated for all distributions at the same time.
And this problem was not known, obviously.

Btw, as it turned out meanwhile, the reason seems to be that the driver resets the device permissions, which causes normal users not being able to directly access them anymore.

A workaround is to add the user to the group “video”.
(for the sddm login screen to work, you’d also need to add the user “sddm” to that group)

As the reason for the problems have been discovered, there hopefully will be fixed packages in the repo soon…

Added myself to the video group, rebooted, seams like that fixed it for me. 42.3, kde