Nvidia 304 legacy drivers

Hi. I upgraded from leap 42.3 to 15.0 on my old Dell Laptop (XPS M1710, Geforce 7950gtx). Is there any chance the old 304 nvidia driver will be running on leap 15? I noticed that it is no longer available on the nvidia repo, so I tried to install it manually (304.137). Unfortunately it fails to build. Is there any workaround?

I also tried to use nouveau, but that gives me just a blank screen with a mouse when it starts sddm… Behaves the same regardless of the dm


(No upload function on this board or am I blind?)

Noticing the same problem, where is the old 304 on leap 15? Anybody know why it’s gone? We had this in 42.3.

AFAIK It is no longer supported and does not build with new kernels.

You will need to patch and create a custom/patched run file (use the --help option with the run file to see the command);


I see users have provided complete files, but would suggest patching it yourself, if you have problems, post back here :wink: