nvidia 11.3 weirdness

Hello all,

Well, here is a strange one. I have installed 11.3 on an acer travelmate 630 lappie. The box has an nvidia gpu - GeForce2 Go (NV11 NV 18).

OK. The install goes fine and the box comes up with the nouveau driver. Off to nvidia and download the legacy 96.43.19 prop driver. Installed, set kernel option “nomodeset” and blacklisted nouvea.

Reboot. Blank screen. Not black, it is backlit but there’s nothing there. Ctl Alt Backspace and the screen erupts into a kind of “white noise” pattern.

Reboot into failsafe. All looked good. I noticed a posting from troubleshooting nvidia and added the kernel option “nopat”. Reboot.

Same. Ctl Alt Backspace gives same. Reboot.

Again blank screen. This time, I type in my password and… get the login greeter sound. Ctl Alt Backspace… weird 4-quarter display for a second, each little window showing bits of the boot messages. Then, a full-screen nvidia logo and then… the graphical login screen. I log in and bingo! All is OK.

I’ve looked at the x-log and messages and dmesg and there’s no indication of error.

I changed the vga option in grub menu from 0x314 (800x600) to 0x318 (1024x768) and removed all modes > 1024 from the xconf file but nothing changes.

If I remove the “nopat” option, I get the white noise screen after killing the x server. Oddly, “nomodeset” doesn’t seem to have an affect one way or the other.

I’ve seen problems with full-screen display on another SuSE box running an nvidia card albeit a different one. Maybe something there?

can you boot into “failsafe” from the menu
and fallow this
SDB:NVIDIA the hard way - openSUSE

and if that dose not work
– or –

make a file called
with this in it

blacklist nouveau
options nouveau modeset=0

then rerun the .run but as uninstall
I save the .run to / for ease of use

cd /  # ( or to wherever you but it )
sh *.run uninstall

reboot and reinstall the .run

the modprob file you made will auto set the nvidia.run to blacklist the open driver

Hello John,

Thanks for the reply but… I have installed the driver “the hard way”. I have blacklisted nouvea, set kernel options nomodeset and nopat.

The Xlog (/var/log/Xorg.0.log) shows clearly that the proprietary NVIDIA driver is being loaded. The final message in that log is one from the driver telling that it is setting the resolution to 1024xwhatever.

SuSE "hardware info shows the prop driver is in use.

Just some random thoughts.

I found the following old information about GeForce 2 Go in german forum, an
XP forum from 2007 (not linux) and try to translate the important part here:

"Die mobilen Produkte (GeForce 6 Go, GeForce FX Go, GeForce4 Go, GeForce2
Go, Quadro4 Go GL, Quadro FX Go) werden nicht von den NVIDIA
Referenztreibern unterstützt. Bitte setzen Sie sich mit dem Hersteller Ihres
Notebooks in Verbindung, um den aktuellsten Treiber zu erhalten. "

Which means:

“The mobile products (…) are not supported by the NVIDIA reference
drivers: Please contact your notebook vendor to get the current drivers.”

Which sounds weird since the windows support for nvidia is usually much
better than the linux support.

On the other hand google spits out some info from the nvidia page that it is
supported in older linux driver versions like 100.something, but this seems
to be from the cache, when I try to click such a link I end up nowhere
(means simply at the nvidia main page).
Also when I check the driver selection at nvidia.com (including legacy) I
cannot find your model, but maybe I did something wrong.

So the question which I have now is: The 96.43.19 you installed the hard
way, does it really explicitly mention that it works with exactly your

PC: oS 11.3 64 bit | Intel Core2 Quad Q8300@2.50GHz | KDE 4.6.2 | GeForce
9600 GT | 4GB Ram
Eee PC 1201n: oS 11.4 64 bit | Intel Atom 330@1.60GHz | KDE 4.6.0 | nVidia
ION | 3GB Ram

Hello Martin,

Well, I did some post-morteming and it appears that I got the driver from the nvidia/suse repository route.

I went to nvidia and searched manually for a driver based on the card being geforce 2 integrated gpu. That led me to a different driver. Downloaded it and tried to install.

The chat told me that it was not for my card! Odd, odd, odd.

I see what you mean about the card being supported by the 96 driver. It says on the list “GeForce 2 series:” and then proceeds to list GeForce3, Ti 500 and
Ti 200.

I can get it running as per my orig posting but have now experienced several instances where the whole desktop froze.

Will keep looking.

Cheers - AK


Vielen Danke!

I went to the nvidia place and downloaded the 96 driver. This route was via a debian install chat from 2005! Anyhow, uninstalled the existing and re-installed manually. All went no problems.

Exactly the same behaviour. The quartered screen is actually on the left (upper and lower quarters) is the right-hand side of the boot dialogue (I always drop the silent/splash stuff so I can watch what’s happening). The right hand side is the left hand side of the same thing!

Hmmm - some weird buffer mix-up here.

Along the way, I downloaded an 89 page doc from nvidia about their drivers. I am going to comb this thing for clues.

Any idea what is executed to bring up the graphic login screen? I have been looking at the “splash” stuff in init.d so will put some probes in there.

Odd but if all I do is run glxgears in a term window, it runs and runs and runs. If I try a normal session, it will freeze at some point.

Cheers - AK