nscd.log = 13 Gb size :D

Hi friends !

And yes. This is are magic file who kill 20 linux nodes today rotfl!

and… of course i want to ask - What i can do for limiting size of nscd.log file ?

i try to find help in man files: nscd and nscd.conf - but nothing about log size.

(just paranoia mode with auto restarting… but this sounds ugly. i need just limit log file size)

How you solve this problem ?
May be i need to create and start some daemon for cleaning logs ?

You can set “debug-level” in nscd.conf to reduce the output. Additionally use logrotate to rotate the logs periodically. You may have to add a confuration script in /etc/logrotate.d. Then you can delete old log files.

Thanks for answer!

I set debug level to “0”, and create hourly cron script

now, i think, all must be good.