Now that Leap 15.6 is RC what is next "testing" version? 15.7 or 16?

I generally like running “testing” or “dev” OSs . . . which feels more cutting edge or “experimental” . . . so I feel more alive, etc.

Now that 15.6 is RC is there a 15.7 that is available via editing of the repos, OR will the next step be to 16??

Are either of those options ready to go now or sometime soon?

@non_space um lets the folks take a break, plus it’s Summer Holidays, SUSECon, openSUSE Conference etc… October? AFAIK there will be a 15.7 and 16, so prepare to get busy…

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If you want cutting edge, go with Tumbleweed :+1:

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OK . . . I thought that by the time RC was happening that the next iteration had been in the tubes for a few months??? I thought that I was “taking it easy on the workers”???

I did find one roadmap for Leap from January, but it was saying “16 is next for Leap” . . . hard to find exact data via the web . . . .


Yep. I have a TW partition . . . the joy of which is that it is “always under development” . . . the bane of which is . . . the same thing . . . and sometimes it does “blow up.” But then . . . .

@non_space Tumbleweed/Gnome has not blown up here, swap hardware around, just works… Currently running Walyand on Intel ARC, T400 allocated to vifio for nvidia-container vm testing…

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Dumb question from me … I thought 15.6 is now GA (?) Or is it RC ?

( I guess it probably doesn’t matter much between RC and GA.)

@aggie it’s GA as of today…

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