November 2022 Screenshot

Tumbleweed with new and a little bit better nvidia graphics card:)

An RTX? I just got a Nvidia Tesla P4 (cheap option :wink: ) blender benchmarks at 414, which is good enough for my needs, primary graphics is a Quadro T400 (RTX mobile).

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It’s the cheapest rtx I can find here.I upgraded my power supply also to 700 watts for this gpu and I bought a
display port to HDMI cable because my tv monitor has only a HDMI port. There is only one slot for HDMI and both
of my monitors are only equipped with HDMI.

This workstation already has a 700W P/Supply, but the T400 (was US$130 a super cheap RTX) is only 30W and runs miniDP to HDMI, the P4 clocks in at 50-75W, without any overclock it’s been reporting just over 50W on full load.

This one here had only 460 watts. The house perspective on blender above rendered on my previous card at 54 minutes with 150 samples and in the new card it was able to render it in 1 minute and 52 seconds.
I also tried it on KDE with wayland and it is kind of smooth.

Dual monitors using Superpaper for one wallpaper spanning two monitors.

Sleepless night listening to music in tumbleweed.](

Not really a screenshot, but a pic of my current desk. Three computers all running Tumbleweed. Dual monitors a cheap HP desktop, the top monitor is a mini pc running as a file server, and plex server, and a few other network services. And of couse the laptop on the left. All run incredibly well, and fast. I just got back to openSUSE after many years away, and am very happy with everything!


Nice :slight_smile: I have three sceptre monitors here :wink: You should look at the program called barrier use your desktop keyboard/mouse with the minipc and laptop :wink:

I am using two monitors a 65" and 34". Helps my eyes well;)

Dang, that’s big, mine are 24" ones @1080P