Not open some files, if the path has Russian letters

Some programs will not open files if the path has Russian letters, for example qbittorent.
System opensuse leap 42.3 XFCE4, if loaded under IceWM, there are no such problems.

I asked this question on the xfce forum. It turned out that this error may be related to . In version “exo-open 0.10.7” this error was corrected.

Opensuse uses the version “exo-open 0.10.6”, but the repository is not updated exo-open. This is a bug which requires a hotfix.
How to install a new version of the program if it is not in the repository?
How to achieve corrections in the repository?

There is a version 0.11.5 in the XFCE repository,
See the unstable repositories at


“exo-open” not present in search?

How to fix this behavior in opensuse 42.3 ?

Sorry, I didn’t seem to paste the entire URL for some reason


Thank you very much! it’s work.

But have problem with dependens.
Then not work command:
exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator

dima@dma:~> exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator
exo-open: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I’m ignore dependens when install exo-tools, becouse it not present in repository.

Installed exo-tools from the OSS (main openSUSE repo), version is 0.10.6

Launched terminal emulator (xterm) without any error.
My system only has libexo-1 libraries, no libexo-2.


libexo-1 used only for exo-tools version is 0.10.6

For exo-tools version is 0.11.5 required libexo-2, but it not have in repozitory.

Try installing this