Not able to update eclipse

I installed the distributed eclipe SDK. Eclipse starts fine and seems to work, but if you try to launch Help->Software Updates… just an error message occurs ‘Cannot launch the Update UI. This installation has not been configured properly for Software Updates’ what means the distributed version is more or less unusable.

Install Eclipse from the oss repository. For me works fine and you can update it in YaST.

I had a similar problem. I fixed it by going Windows->Preferences, click the arrow by General and select Capabilities. Check the box labeled Classic Update.

That should do it.

Isn’t classic update the one that doesn’t resolve dependencies thus landing you in dependency hell?

I’m curious, are there actually any advantages to updating it through the Eclipse update mechanism vs. installing updated packages through YaST? I’d imagine you’d get a slightly more up-to-date version, but aside from that?

I’d have thought it would be safer to wait for the repository package to be updated, and unless there’s an absolute must-have new feature in the very latest release that it’d be worth just waiting to spare oneself possible dependency issues.

Just my tuppence :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more. Wait for updated packages in the repos.

No because there are a lot of add-ons on the eclipse update-sites that you can’t get from opensuse repositories. If you just use basic functionality i guess you’re ok.