Not able to boot in Virtualbox

I wanted to setup a openSUSE Leap VM on a Windows10 Pro Host and everything went fine at first. I installed it without addig the online respiratorys, because with them it didnt work. At the first time I booted the VM I ran the command

sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper up

and it updated everything, but since the update the system stucks after booting. ( So it just boots and I cannot press anything. I tried to look at the log files but I didnt see any errors or anything. I have no clue what could be the problem.

Did you install it BIOS or UEFI.

For Windows Host I only do BIOS install. The Virtualbox UEFI seems flaky in Windows 10 and 11

Also - I avoid btrfs and install it as ext4. All into one 46gb partition and a separate 3gb swap partition.

I used BIOS install, but I found the problem. It was that Hyper-V was somehow blocking virtualbox and the Guest was running it was just really slow becsuse of Hyper-V so somehow I just have to disable it.

There appear to be two main types of Hypervisor, Type-1 and Type-2 (Hypervisor - Wikipedia) - worth a read before you see what I have written below.

With Type-1 essentially everything is running as a VM even what you think of as your Base-OS (Windows in this case). This happens automatically when you enable Hyper-V in Windows. It was impossible to run a VM under a VM (i.e you can not nest VMs) but I think there are some fudges that have been added to Hyper-V but I don’t user Hyper-V so have looked at them.

So if you enable Hyper-V on Windows (and that includes technologies like the windows Sandbox feature which actually uses Hyper-V) you can’t run other hypervisors like VirtualBox or VMWare. Certainly that is what is both expected behaviour and what I have experienced.

I think there are applications that say if VT-x and AMD-X are available (normally features enabled in the BIOS to allow for virtualizations to run). When running as VM or a Type-1 hypervisor they report they they are not available as they are already virtualized.

If anyone knows more I would be happy to hear further input.