Has anyone managed to get this working with Google Earth. The website doesn’t allow me to download the plugin for google-earth - unsupported OS.

In the past I think I’ve managed to get it working with WINE (with a lot of flicker), but I was just wondering if anybody has managed to get it working natively?
I’ve tried changing the browser useragent to Windows, but it still doesn’t allow a download.

I would have thought a google earth plugin should be cross platform - has anyone with a Windows box copied it across and tested it?

Have you tried Google Earth

While the 3d version did not work for me (I don’t have Google Earth installed), Track Santa in Google Earth This one did Official NORAD Santa Tracker

The site works.

Even with Google earth installed, I could not get the 3d version of the Norad Sanata tracker working. Even with various different browsers.

I’ve got googleearth installed, but I can’t download the plugin for it from the website.

The website works fine, but it’s much nicer in 3D, fullscreen on the TV.

I just thought that googleearth plugins should be cross platform and was wondering if anyone had managed to test it?

Just read the rest of your post. The website actually states that it supports a wide range of browsers, so I don’t think that is the issue - besides once the plugin is downloaded, it works in the googleearth client app.

It just has the appearance to me of one of those sites that are ‘incompatible with linux’ through no other reason than OS detection.

I’m going to try downloading the plugin through WINE, then testing the plugin natively.
Should have a bit of time to test, he hasn’t left the north pole yet …

I stand corrected, this year it seems to embed googleearth into the browser window. I’ll have to see if the plugin is available from any temp folders.
Just left Micronesia …