noob help

I had installed opensues to learn more about linux and now i need the pc for something else I’ve tried two xp cd’s that i know work but i get a blank screen after trying to boot from cd. How can i remove suse from my hdd?

Does the suse cd still boot?
If not, you have to set the bios to boot from cd.
If the suse cd boots OK then it is a problem with the XP cds and nothing to do with the installed os.
Win xp brings up a message which says to press any key to boot from cd. Look for the message and press a key. If you don’t, it will boot the installed os.

it gets to here and after I press a key i just get a blamk screen The xp cd’s work i used one of them last week. my suse cd boots and i have an sme server disc that boots but ubuntu and fedora cds that wont and they all work on my main pc.

Sounds like a CD drive going bad.

It’s just that I’ve read a few times today about people having problems installing windows after using Linux and wasn’t sure if that was my problem

Installation is the later part, 1st you have to boot from cd.
As ken_yap mentioned above, looks like your cdrom issue.

ok i swapped out the ide cable between my hd and disc drive and get this :
GRUB loading stage1.5
GRUB Loading, please wait
error 15

what does it mean?

Currently you have XP or Linux installed.

linux is installed and i’m trying to install xp

Is this message from Xp install disc. Or is it from Linux installed OS.
Try the following:
RE: Grub Loading Error 15 (Solved!)

GRUB Loading stage1.5. GRUB Loading, please wait… error 15 _? - Yahoo! Answers

“GRUB Loading stage1.5” Error - Linux Forums](

Ok I got everything working right. I had slaved the hd from this pc to another computer and formated it. after puting it back in I tried my first xp cd that I had previously tried at least 5 times but this time it worked no problem.

You probably had Your BIOS set to boot from a hard disk first then CD.

that was the first thing i checked