Noob asks: how to make kdewallet open automatically

New install on a former chromebook. During any Restart, “kded5” trying to enable the wifi, calls for a password from kdewallet. Wallet puts up a dialog asking for its authorized password. Problem is, the dialog is usually hidden behind other windows that open at restart.

Help seems to say it is possible give “kded5” access automatically but I can’t figure out how.

Check in the app (I don’t have it installed, so can’t check) if there is a dedicated option for “In front of” or “On top of others” (or some other similar language).

If it doesn’t have a dedicated “show in front of others” option, you can set it using the KDE Action icon in the upper left of the app’s window bar - check my screenshot … then select More Actions, then select “Keep Above Others”


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You might find this article useful KWallet - openSUSE Wiki

Are you using automatic login?